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Big Size Glass Washing Machine

Short Description:

This kind glass washing machine mainly used to wash flat glass, and make it clean and dry to meet customers’ requirements.

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2.1. It’s horizontal structure and composed of loading section, washing section, drying section, unloading section.
2.2. The structure adopts good quality standard aluminum to ensure the strong frame and beautiful outlook.

Model No. Max wide Length Min size Thickness Speed
EW-2000 2000 unlimited 400*400mm 3-25mm 1-10m/min
EW-2500 2500 unlimited 400*400mm 3-25mm 6m/min 10m/min 15m/min
EW-3000 3000 unlimited 400*400mm 3-21mm 10m/min

2.4. PLC+ touch screen system control, easy to understand operation interface, quick automatic adjustment of glass thickness.
2.5. The cover of loading and unloading section are all stainless steel of 304.
2.6. The cleaning section consists of three pairs of brushes, among which a soft brush can clean low-E glass, coated glass, and the top cleaning part of the bristle brush are all equipped with a cylinder which can be independently lifted. When cleaning low-E glass, the bristle brush can be lifted to achieve the best speed design.
2.7. The upper roller, upper brush, upper air knife of washing section can be lifted and declined by the same mechanism(electric control), max lifting height 300mm.
2.8. The washing section part in contact of water adopts 304 stainless steel.
2.9. The tank height is adjustable according to the thickness of glass. Adjust by digital display instrument.
2.10. Lifting mechanism adopts axis to ensure the steady and improve the accuracy.
2.11. The drying section has mute material. High-pressure blower dry the glass by two vertical air knife and one oblique air knife blows through high pressure air tube when the pressure and volume can meet 0-15m/min line speed.
2.12. One high pressure blower was set on the top which can save ground space and weaken the dust pollution. The air inlet adopts air filter device.
2.13. Inverter adjust the machine running speed.
2.14. All electric element all famous China brand. Operation menu has instruction and easy to use by simply training.
Roller height:900±50mm
Remark:all dimension subject to real machine.

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