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Convection Type Big Size Flat Glass Tempering Machine

Short Description:

Convection type flat glass tempering furnace is the upgrade version of common type flat glass tempering furnace. Besides all glass sorts that common type tempering furnace can do, convection tempering furnace can also make low-e glass tempering. According to convection system positions, it can make different sorts low-e glass.

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Easttec adopts the best advanced fan convection technology, which is the true meaning convection, it only uses the inner high-temperature air of the furnace heating section to form the convection on glass surface to achieve tempering of different sorts low-e glass.
Tempered low-e glass, with its excellent thermal insulation and energy saving advantages, now is more and more widely use in public buildings and residential commodity houses. All CBD building curtain wall and high building windows all adopt tempered low-e glass.

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